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Cody enjoys sharing tidbits of information that he learns through his life-long journey developing websites and configuring web servers.

When at work, Cody can often be found banging his head against his keyboard for hours days weeks-on-end trying to solve technical issues that would otherwise prevent his teammates from creating Member value at AAA.

All content that Cody contributes to this site are his own ideas and do not necessarily represent AAA's positions or opinions.

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Exit shell script from a subshell

Recently, I was writing a bash script that had many fatal error conditions where I wanted to output a message to stderr then kill the script with an error code. The problem was some of the commands were in subshells, making it impossible to create a clean way to accomplish my goal.


How to easily copy text to clipboard with JavaScript

When HTML added “design mode” for What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing, a simple way to copy text to the device’s clipboard was introduced.


Fix Docker Sources in Ubuntu After Upgrade

After upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04 Disco from 18.04 Bionic I found that my Docker CE sources were incorrect and had to manually fix them.


IAB Z-index Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets guidelines for ad unit types for its members. When developing a website you’ll save yourself many headaches by playing by their rules.


How to run parallel commands in bash scripts

There’s no need for additional dependencies to run parallel commands when you have bash.


Create a named Docker bind mount volume

Sometimes, when creating tooling for Docker it’s necessary to create a bind mount as a named Docker volume.


How to embed an SVG with JavaScript

Embedding an SVG with JavaScript is a bit different than creating normal HTML elements.


Bundling React applications with minimal configuration and full control

When you want fast transpiling, straight forward configuration, and total control of your React environment, Parcel is a great fit.


Enable tap to click in i3 WM

When switching from Gnome or KDE to using i3 tiling window manager on a laptop, you might be frustrated to discover that tap-to-click on your touchpad no longer functions. This is how to re-enable tap-to-click in i3 by properly using X11 configuration.


How to install Helm into a Kubernetes cluster

Helm is a great tool for managing releases to Kubernetes clusters, this guide aims to help you setup Helm with Tiller in your cluster.