Essentials cover programming basics, how-to guides for CLI tools, and helpful environment configurations.

Essentials posts

Exit shell script from a subshell

Recently, I was writing a bash script that had many fatal error conditions where I wanted to output a message to stderr then kill the script with an error code. The problem was some of the commands were in subshells, making it impossible to create a clean way to accomplish my goal.

IAB Z-index Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets guidelines for ad unit types for its members. When developing a website you’ll save yourself many headaches by playing by their rules.

How to run parallel commands in bash scripts

There’s no need for additional dependencies to run parallel commands when you have bash.

Enable tap to click in i3 WM

When switching from Gnome or KDE to using i3 tiling window manager on a laptop, you might be frustrated to discover that tap-to-click on your touchpad no longer functions. This is how to re-enable tap-to-click in i3 by properly using X11 configuration.

Fix Firefox (and other) applications that won't pin to Budgie panel

When running Budgie (under Solus and Ubuntu Budgie) I found that I am not able to right click certain applications and select the “Pin to panel” option.

Fix missing application icon in Budgie panel

After recently installing Ubuntu Budgie, I noticed some applications installed via Snap sources were missing their application icons in the Budgie panel. While annoying, the fix is fairly straight-forward to implement once you know how.

Omit commands from history in Linux

If you’ve ever ran commands on the command line that contain secure or sensitive information you certainly don’t want those commands recorded in your history.

Using Gzip to create .gz files

Compressing files from the terminal doesn’t need to be a magical combination of options. Learn all the basics of Gzip with examples.